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The weather has been a bit dreary this weekend and I wasn’t able to get very far from home.

Egpytian Geese

Egyptian Geese - Davie Canal

On my errands yesterday, I came across a large gaggle of Egyptian Geese in Davie.  These are not native to South Florida, but are reproducing at a great rate.  An interesting looking bird, even if they are becoming our latest invasive species.

Later in the afternoon I went by Plantation Preserve but the wind was so brisk that birds were few and far between.  They have started to clean the weeds out, which was a welcome sight.
Back home the birds have been wonderful to watch even with the on and off showers. 


Male & Female Painted Buntings

Here is a great shot of the male and female painted buntings.  It really shows the tremendous difference in appearance of this species.   The females are well camoflaged and the males do a great job of staying in the underbrush so they are hard to capture when not feeding.

Male Painted in Bushes

Male Painted in Bushes

I was able to catch this guy today, but he is roosting on one of my feeders, though well hidden.

The mockingbirds have been fighting off a number of birds for the berries in the bushes.  They have made a tremendous racket, but have been fun to watch. 

Spot-Breasted Oriole

Spot-Breasted Oriole

Throughout the year, I am lucky to have Spot-breasted Orioles come and go.  They are very rare down here, but we have been graced with them almost since our arrival in Florida.   During the summer the local pair had their fledglings with them.  This one came in alone today and was very busy getting nectar while dodging the raindrops.

It has been five years since Hurricane Wilma.  We lost many trees during the storm and our grapefruit tree has finally given up the ghost this summer.  We have not cut this down or back because it makes for a great roost Squirrel eating barkfor the many birds that visit.  It is reminder to us of the fury of nature.  

Today, I was surprised to see this squirrel peeling off some of the dead bark and chewing on it.  The squirrels certainly get enough food from robbing the feeders, so I found this activity rather interesting. 

Hope everyone has a great week ahead.



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